How the Game Works

Minneapolis Writers Workshop - How it Works

Seated, verbal reading of manuscripts takes place each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Black Forest Inn, 1 East 26th St., Minneapolis, in the Festsaal Banquet Room. Meetings last approximately two hours, with a short break after the first hour.

There is typically time for 6 to 8 readers who sign up the previous week. Time allotment is up to 15 minutes, at the discretion of the monthly moderator, who is subject to benign influence.

A sound system and microphone are provided.

Following the author’s reading, members of the group are invited to comment on the work either verbally or in writing or both. Comments are intended to be constructive and deal with the mechanics of the writing and its marketability rather than approval or disapproval of subject matter.

There is no censorship at the Minneapolis Writers Workshop.

During the critique period, the writer cannot respond to comments unless a question is specifically directed to that writer.

Non-members are invited to read 10 minute samples of their work on “Open Read” nights, which are the first Wednesday of every month. However, visitors are welcome to attend (though not read or critique) any Wednesday.